Our story starts in the 1960’s

When Domenico Longhi began a small truffle commerce within a local tavern, located along the high street in front of the Town Hall tower of Urbania. He dealt directly with the truffle hunters, commonly known as “tartofaners”.

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The spreads are the result of ancient family recipes, which transform the fresh truffle into delicious specialties all ready to be enjoyed with pasta dishes, bruschetta and meat. Designed for those who love the natural taste of the truffle, the spreads are made with very high percentages of truffles and without the addition of artificial chemical flavours.


The Sauces

The sauces, such as truffle sauce or tomato, and condiments like the flavoured oils, balsamic vinegar, butter, honey and others, are the so-called truffle “classics”. Easy to use, they turn any preparation into special dishes and also turn less experienced chefs into extraordinary chefs.


Our Truffle

Thanks to the “Tartufi”, you can have the fine white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico), the fine black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.) and the black summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) throughout the year. Ready, whole or sliced, to be used just like the fresh truffle.


The Specialities

The specialties are an innovative line, where creativity and tradition meet to create products of the highest quality and versatility. Pesto, velvety cream, pumpkin cream, 4 cheeses, creamy and spinach are real “gourmet” creations that, enhanced with the truffle, intensify its unmistakable aroma.


Among the various truffle specialties we also have pasta, rice, polenta and flour. They are ready for cooking, or as in the case of flour for the preparation of homemade pasta and will allow you to enjoy your favourite dish with truffles in just minutes.


The others…

Why “the others”… These specialties complete the range of Longhi Tartufi products.
They come from the classic tradition of truffle products but have been a hit thanks to their particular taste generated by the combination of different flavours.