Truffles, very abundant in the Alta Valle del Metauro area, have always been considered an important part of Italian culinary art.

Back in 1567, the “Durantine”, Costanzo Felici, had already written about them because he was a frequent consumer of all those truffles found in the Casteldurante valley; also, Michelangelo Buonaroti, a regular visitor of the Metauro area, wrote that “… trout and truffles spit out the sky”.

The ground lands where truffles grow are not very extensive and are hence jealously kept secret by the hunters because of the economic value and high request of this culinary tuber.

Our story starts in the 1960’s, when Domenico Longhi began a small truffle commerce within a local tavern, located along the high street in front of the Town Hall tower of Urbania. He dealt directly with the truffle hunters, commonly known as “tartofaners”. Even then, a part of the truffles was used to produce other specialities, whereas the larger and top-quality tubers were sent to Rome, Milan and Genova via rail transport, leaving a distinct aroma along the journey.

Today, this initially small commerce has developed into a large family business with Domenico Longhi’s son, Ravaldo, at its head. The company is well known throughout Italy and in Europe for its quality truffles which are also served in the very best restaurants.
In recent years, the company has further grown thanks to the arrival of Nicoletta, Domenico’s granddaughter and Ravaldo’s daughter.
Even over time, the selection of products is still meticulously carried out, and the processing of the truffles is still performed by hand following ancient family recipes that transform the truffles into delicious specialties.
Our company philosophy is based on the characteristics and the quality of our products, which have the advantage of revealing all the beauty and feelings of our territory, the love for our land and the inseparable attachment we have to our traditions.


Sales Point

The store, located in Via Roma, 103 in Urbania (PU), is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 and 15.00 to 19.00 and Saturday from 9.00 to 12.00. Here you can find all our specialties! Excellent in the kitchen and original gift ideas! In our store, we can also organise tastings of our products, upon request and for groups of people, which are naturally combined with excellent local wines.